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Codes & Data

A paper without accessible codes and data is a pure paper; Otherwise, it is beyond a paper, maybe a work of art. Dr. Nie has released the following codes and data since 2016:

Year Published at Title Paper Codes and Data
2022TIPLoss Re-Scaling VQA: Revisiting the Language Prior Problem From a Class-Imbalance View PDF Link
2022CVPRStacked Hybrid-Attention and Group Collaborative Learning for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation PDF Link
2022ACLMMCoQA: Conversational Question Answering over Text, Tables, and Images PDF Link
2022SIGIRUser-controllable Recommendation Against Filter Bubbles PDF Link
2022TOISDynamic Graph Reasoning for Conversational Open-Domain Question Answering PDF Link
2022TOISQuestion Tagging via Graph-guided Ranking PDF Link
2021TIPConversational Image Search PDF Link
2021TIPVideo Moment Localization via Deep Cross-Modal Hashing PDF Link
2021TIPCoarse-to-Fine Semantic Alignment for Cross-Modal Moment Localization PDF Link
2021ACM MMMultimodal Dialog System: Relational Graph-based Context-aware Question Understanding PDF Link
2021ACM MMCollocation and Try-on Network: Whether an Outfit is Compatible PDF Link
2021ACM MMComplementary Factorization towards Outfit Compatibility Modeling PDF Link
2021ACM MMFocal and Composed Vision-semantic Modeling for Visual Question answering PDF Link
2021SIGIRDynamic Modality Interaction Modeling for Image-Text Retrieval PDF Link
2021SIGIRComprehensive Linguistic-Visual Composition Network for Image Retrieval PDF Link
2021SIGIRAdversarial-Enhanced Hybrid Graph Network for User Identity Linkage PDF Link
2021SIGIRMultimodal Activation: Awakening Dialog Robots without Wake Words PDF Link
2020TIPNeural Compatibility Modeling With Probabilistic Knowledge Distillation PDF Link
2020TIPNeural Multimodal Cooperative Learning Toward Micro-Video Understanding PDF Link
2020TIPIterative Local-Global Collaboration Learning Towards One-Shot Video Person Re-Identification PDF Link
2020TOISFine-Grained Privacy Detection with Graph-Regularized Hierarchical Attentive Representation Learning PDF Link
2020TOMMAn End-to-End Attention-Based Neural Model for Complementary Clothing Matching PDF Link
2020ACM MMWhat Aspect Do You Like: Multi-scale Time-aware User Interest Modeling for Micro-video Recommendation PDF Link
2020ACM MMGraph-Refined Convolutional Network for Multimedia Recommendation with Implicit Feedback PDF Link
2020ACM MMContext-Aware Multi-View Summarization Network for Image-Text Matching PDF Link
2020SIGIRGenerative Attribute Manipulation Scheme for Flexible Fashion Search PDF Link
2020SIGIRFashion Compatibility Modeling through a Multi-modal Try-on-guided Scheme PDF Link
2020TOISLarge-Scale Question Tagging via Joint Question-Topic Embedding Learning PDF Link
2019ACM MMMultimodal Dialog System: Generating Responses via Adaptive Decoders PDF Link
2019ACM MMPersonalized Capsule Wardrobe Creation with Garment and User Modeling PDF Link
2019ACM MMVirtually Trying on New Clothing with Arbitrary Poses PDF Link
2019ACM MMRouting Micro-videos via A Temporal Graph-guided Recommendation System PDF Link
2019ACM MMPersonalized Hashtag Recommendation for Micro-videos PDF Link
2019ACM MMMMGCN: Multi-modal Graph Convolution Network for Personalized Recommendation of Micro-video PDF Link
2019ACM MMUser Diverse Preference Modeling by Multimodal Attentive Metric Learning PDF Link
2019ACM MMSeeking Micro-influencers for Brand Promotion PDF Link
2019TOISAttentive Long Short-Term Preference Modeling for Personalized Product SearchPDFLink
2019TOISFrom Question to Text: Question-Oriented Feature Attention for Answer SelectionPDFLink
2019SIGIRQuantifying and Alleviating the Language Prior Problem in Visual Question AnsweringPDFLink
2019SIGIRPrototype-guided Attribute-wise Interpretable Scheme for Clothing MatchingPDFLink
2019SIGIRUser Attention-guided Multimodal Dialog SystemsPDFLink
2019SIGIRSupervised Hierarchical Cross-Modal HashingPDFLink
2018WWWTEM: Tree-enhanced Embedding Model for Explainable Recommendation PDFLink
2018WWWLearning on Partial-Order Hypergraphs PDFLink
2018SIGIRFast Scalable Supervised Hashing PDFLink
2018SIGIRA Personal Privacy Preserving Framework: I Let You Know Who Can See What PDFLink
2018SIGIRChat More: Deepening and Widening the Chatting Topic via A Deep Model PDFLink
2018SIGIRAttentive Moment Retrieval in Videos PDFLink
2018SIGIRNeural Compatibility Modeling with Attentive Knowledge Distillation PDFLink
2018MMMVenue Prediction for Social Images by Exploiting Rich Temporal Patterns in LBSNs PDFLink
2018ACM MMMulti-modal Preference Modeling for Product Search PDFLink
2018ACM MMCross-modal Moment Localization in Videos PDFLink
2018IJCAIQuality Matters: Assessing cQA Pair Quality via Transductive Multi-View Learning PDFLink
2018IJCAIDiscrete Factorization Machines for Fast Feature-based Recommendation PDFLink
2017WWWNeural Collaborative Filtering PDFLink
2017SIGIRExploring User-Specific Information in Music Retrieval PDFLink
2017SIGIREmbedding Factorization Models for Jointly Recommending Items and User Generated Lists. PDFLink
2017SIGIRComputational Social Indicators: A Case Study of Chinese University Ranking PDFLink
2017ACM MMLaplacian-Steered Neural Style Transfer PDFLink
2017ACM MMEnhancing Micro-video Understanding by Harnessing External Sounds PDFLink
2017ACM MMTowards Micro-video Understanding by Joint Sequential-Sparse Modeling PDFLink
2017ACM MMNeuroStylist: Neural Compatibility Modeling for Clothing Matching PDFLink
2017IJCAIDepression Detection via Harvesting Social Media: A Multimodal Dictionary Learning Solution PDFLink
2017IJCAIExploiting Music Play Sequence for Music Recommendation PDFLink
2017CVPRSCA-CNN: Spatial and Channel-Wise Attention in Convolutional Networks for Image Captioning PDFLink
2017TOISUnifying Virtual and Physical Worlds: Learning Toward Local and Global Consistency PDFLink
2017TOISCross-Platform App Recommendation by Jointly Modeling Ratings and Texts PDFLink
2017TKDEData-Driven Answer Selection in Community QA Systems PDFLink
2017TKDEI Know What You Want to Express: Sentence Element Inference by Incorporating External Knowledge Base PDFLink
2016ACM MMShorter-is-Better: Venue Category Estimation from Micro-Video PDFLink
2016ACM MMMicro Tells Macro: Predicting the Popularity of Micro-Videos via a Transductive Model PDFLink